Frequently Asked Questions

Do you go out in any weather?

Almost … we don’t go out if there is lightning or the water is very choppy or in very high winds. Coastal rowing is tidal; there are some tide conditions that are very difficult when you first start, so we might avoid those. 

What should I wear and bring along?

You should stick to clothes that are close fitting (loose clothes tend to get in the way) and plenty of layers. It is advisable to bring an old pair of runners that you don’t mind getting wet, or alternatively a pair of wet boots (dive boots). It’s also worth bringing a change of clothes and towel for afterwards. A bottle of water is advisable. It is also recommended that you bring a hat, sunglasses and sun cream for the sunnier days and a woolly hat for the colder ones.

Do I need gloves to row?

You don’t need gloves, but this is a personal preference. However, it is suggested that if you choose to wear gloves that you use a light type of glove (like a cycle glove, usually fingerless).

Will I get wet?

If it’s raining then yes, otherwise not really. You may get splashed as people around you are rowing, but you are very unlikely to be going swimming.

What other training will I need to do?

That’s up to you. If you’re keen to progress quickly then land training will help you to get more out of the water sessions, but it’s not mandatory as a beginner. Initially, we recommend doing one erg (rowing machine session) when you can at your local gym.

Is there a beginners course?

This isn’t a specific course. When you’re ready, we’ll move you up to a racing crew.

For more information or to sign up, please “contact us” link to club’s captain who is always on hand to answer all your rowing questions. 

Do I have to complete any forms when I arrive?

You will be required to sign a membership form when you attend for your first rowing session.