Our committee is made up by 13 members with varied roles and skill sets. Please read below to find out who we are and what we do!

Ger Fogarty – Chairperson

Delighted to be involved with this young and vibrant club. We provide a rowing experience both social and competitive for all ages and abilities. There is no better way to appreciate and enjoy the scenic environs of Skerries bay! Hope to see you on the water soon

Niamh Butler – Secretary

This is my 4th year on the committee in various roles.

My main duty as Secretary is to help ensure the smooth functioning of our very dedicated Management Committee.

In summary the Secretary is responsible for:

  1. Communication and Correspondence
  2. Ensuring meetings are effectively organised and minute
  3. Maintaining effective records and Administration
  4. Upholding legal requirements of governing documents

But mainly I row- hope to see you down at the slip of a summer’s evening!

Marie Richardson – Club Captain & ECRC Representative

Originally from Limerick so another blow-in even though I’ve been in Skerries for over 20 years! I first tried out rowing in summer 2013 and loved in straight away. I got involved in training for races of all varieties and learnt to cox.

Nothing beats the freedom and exhilaration of being out on the water. Rowing is supercharged mindfulness and we are so fortunate to row in such a beautiful place as Skerries.

Rowing is suitable for all ages and abilities. I enjoy getting people together on crews and out on the water rowing together whatever their goals and ambitions.

Club Captain Role:

Club Captain role is about the development of the club and of rowing in the club as a whole with the overall aim of getting as many people as possible rowing and wearing the Skerries Rowing Club colours with pride rowing and competing in as many events as possible.

The role also involves upskilling rowers, coxes and members to be better rowers and coxes and to pass on the skills to the next generation of rowers. Allocation of crews for regattas and allocation of long rows and logistics of getting crews to regattas are also part of this role.

ECRC Representative Role:

Involves representing Skerries Rowing Club at ECRC meetings, events, AGM and ECRC regattas and at National Competitions. The role also involves crew registration, nomination of judges for regattas and relaying communication between the ECRC and Skerries Rowing Club members while representing the best interests of Skerries Rowing Club.

Ciaran Barker – Treasurer

Having joined the committee of SRC in 2014, this is my 2nd year as Treasurer. My role is to keep an accurate record of all of our accounts, assist in grant applications, get involved in sponsorship & to oversee or undertake any financial transactions for the club.

I only moved to Skerries in 2013, and the club has really allowed me to immerse myself into the community. I’ve created some great friendships, been involved in some great initiatives while also enjoying the social, adventure and health benefits that sea rowing has to offer. Seeing how the club has grow from strength to strength over the last 6 years, really is a credit to all involved.

Andrew O’Byrne – Public Relations Officer(PRO)

Communications is one of the most important activities in any club, our success depends it. The main function of the Club PRO is to communicate with the general public on behalf of the Club, presenting a positive image of the Club in the local community and beyond.

The main aims of the PRO is:

• Promote the Club and its events to the local community and beyond using all available methods of communication

• Ensure the Club is presented in a professional manner

• Develop internal methods and standards of communication

Jade Campbell – Scheduling Coordinator

Originally from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.
I have been rowing with Skerries for a few years. In that time I have rowed in long rows, regattas, completed a safe guarding course, a rowing coaching course and have made great friends and had plenty of laughs.

Hopefully catch you on the water.
Any scheduling questions or issues please email (schedule@skerriesrowingclub.com) 

Frank Duffy – Safety Officer

Franks role within the committee is to provide safety briefings for Cox s and crew members on standard safety procedures before taking to the water. He then monitors and reviews safety procedures throughout the season and implements change as necessary, or directed by the committee. He is a nice easy going guy..always available to answer your questions…..but don’t let him catch you in a boat without a life jacket !!!

Anne Marie – Juvenile Development & Child Liaison Officer   

The role of the above is to develop the juvenile section of the club on a phased basis; to ensure proper and open communication channels with youth members, parents and existing members of the club;  to ensure proper training, safeguarding and Garda vetting procedures are in place for all adult members dealing with juvenile members of the club, and to promote a child-friendly ethos in the club.

Aidan Herron – Committee Support Officer

After many years of working in education, Aidan now enjoys riding a bike and rowing a boat.